Solace Home Design  blogging and  Solace Home Design construction company are  operated by Debra Dee Illeez for Home Improvement and decorating ideas.

Debra Dee Illeez is a Turkish Delight , living in Northern Virginia, United States. Raised in Turkey and Europe. She was born in the capital of Turkey.  Because of her parents relocation, she grew up one of the most beautiful city of Turkey near the Aegean Sea, where the cultures and religions melted in the same pot more then three thousands years. She speaks three languages. Home improvement and decorating ideas of her is multicultural as like as  her own personality.

As a background, She graduated from Ege University Engineering Faculty , Chemical Engineering Department and then completed the Master of Science degree as an exchange student in London West Minister University, UK. Her major was Bioprocess Engineering.

When she came to United States, she could not find the proper job after 9/11. She used to work for Hooker and American Drew  Furniture Companies when she used to live in NYC. She had a chance to meet with interior designers who works for the same companies. She was inspired during that period for home improvement and decorating ideas. Passion of being interior designer was kindled. She used to help her friends  to solve their design dilemmas. And she got very good reputations about her unique and functional home improvement and decorating ideas.    This was called falling in love with  interior design, remodeling, diy projects while she breathed in  the air of NYC. Discovering herself that she has talented for home improvement and decorating ideas.  Before thinking to build a  hobby designer blog  and a construction company , she was the owner of her husband’s heart , and still is… She is the mother of the two cutest and the most talkative kids who are shining her family.

Her motto is “ real life is the happy and peaceful life and starts with inner core developing” . She keeps away herself and her family from mountebanks as much as she can. To improve the mass of happiness she chooses the positive way  of living surrounded by positive inspirations. It does not mean that she was ignoring the “dark” part of the world. She likes to accept yin and yang together and she likes to follow her own heart.

What makes her happy?

  • ·        Family is the first: Having a wonderful family, curious kids , giggles raising like twitting, love, trust , honesty, loyalty.
  • ·        Good friends, rich taste of conversations, without thinking the clicking time
  • ·        Surveying: Reading , learning, searching, looking up, teaching, sharing. Being a book worm and blog worm (recently)…
  • ·        Problem solving: Listening, understanding, thinking, seeing the result at the end.
  • ·        Helping and volunteering: Sharing her life experiments to build an enlighten pathway by having empathy. Debra Dee is a nature mother lover and non smoker.

There is so much more to tell, but she needs your help to stop writing . Otherwise she won’t write about her blog related to home improvement and decorating ideas. She is looking forward to have your support.


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