Bella View: Calacatta Gold Marble Countertop

Calacatta Gold Marble



Picture Credit:John Maniscalco Architecture The harmony of backsplash, chestnut sleek cabinets and rustic bar stools.
Picture Credit:John Maniscalco Architecture The harmony of backsplash, chestnut sleek cabinets and rustic bar stools.


Until I saw the calacatta gold marble, I put all my love on granite  in the kitchen. Calacatta gold marble countertop  and backsplash will melt your heart with an adorable smooth looking. She changed the rhythm of my heart. Who knows may be yours is the next?

Calacatta Gold Marble Countertop and Backsplash Pictures

Calacatta Gold Countertop and Backsplash with White Base and Wall Cabinets and Espresso Island Cabinet

Picture Credit: Artisan Stone Collection , The nude beauty of calacatta gold! Very impressive idea of using the countertops and backsplash together. Expresso island cabinet is such a good addition to show the well done job.

Calacatta Gold  belongs to a very huge Italian family comes from Florence, Italy. She takes place in the kitchen with her bella view. Her other siblings are Calacatta Manhattan, Calacatta Borghini, Calacatta Della Ghera Desca (she has been the newest attachment to the family), Calacatta Vagli, Calacatta Antico, Calacatta Blue, Calacatta Green, Calacatta Classico, Calacatta Paonazzo and Calacatta M. She has very soft, infused, dreamy and pastel colors of veins like golden, beige and light gray colors. She brings some romance in your kitchen.


Calacatta Gold Countertop and Calacatta Gold Subway Tiles with Sage Green Cabinets

Picture Credit: Marble of the World. The cabinet color brings amazing taste to this kitchen. I think calacatta gold backsplash tiles are also completes the puzzle.


Some people will come a good question about Calacatta Gold . What if, she is vulnerable and she is not strong enough to use as a countertop? If her gentle and fine personality matches with your personality, you can have her in your kitchen. If you take care of your marble granite countertop well and, kitchen band won’t play on the surface, absolutely there is a big “yes” for Calacatta Gold Marble. The second mind-digging question is the finish on the marble. If marble is polished, she gets more durable. But the beauty is not shown because of the chemicals. If she is honed her nude skin shines in better way.   She can also glitter your walls as backsplash even you have some granite, quartzite countertops too. The best combinations are White Concetto Quartzite and Black series of granite, absolute black, impala black and steel gray.



I think Calacatta Gold cooperates perfectly with white, off white, basalt gray, expresso, walnut and chestnut,  black cabinets in your kitchen remodeling.  If you would like to have her in your wall, you can get a slab or tile. She may be a good addition for your flooring ideas.


I would like to collect a few good pictures for your review. Hope you like them all and you will drop your valuable comments.

Calacatta Gold with White Ceramic Subway Tiles and Chocolate Colors Cabinets. Island Cabinet is White. 

Picture Credit: YK Stone Center Inc. Ars longa vita brevis. Calacatta gold marble countertop. Amazing sealing , What do you see in the first sight?


 Calacatta Gold Countertops and Backsplash with Black Cabinets

Picture Credit: Artisan-counters. The love of Yin and yang . No more words.
Picture Credit: Artisan-counters. The love of Yin and yang . No more words.


Mitered Edge Calacatta Gold Countertop on the White Island Cabinet

Picture Credit:Miami Circle Marble & Fabrication.Bella View: Calacatta Gold Marble, Mitered Edge Side Legs for the island bring extra beauty to this dreamy fairy.


Calacatta Oro Countertop and Backsplash with Two Tone Cabinets

Picture Credit: Benjamin Dhong Interiors. Benjamin Moore Temptation 1609 is such a strong blueish gray color that is a perfect mate for calacatta oro, smiliar to calacatta gold. Lovely set up. Two thumbs up design.


Calacatta Gold Subway Backsplash with Absolute Black Countertop and White Kitchen China Cabinet

Picture Credit: Shannon Cabinetry. Well coordination with whithe cabinets, absolute black granite and calacatta gold backsplash.

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