Curly Medley: Titanium Granite Countertops

titanium granite with walnut stain cherry cabinets



titanium granite with walnut stain cherry cabinets
Picture Credit: Dallas Design Groups Interiors.
Very fashionable, reminds me mid century designs… I think flooring and all cabinets are customized. Stove Hutch is a very good choice to match with flooring and pretty enough to make an opposite attraction with the all cabinets.The ceiling detail is catchy. Black galaxy and titanium are in harmony, as like as vertical mosaic backsplash and metal backsplash. I am full with these eye candy treasures!


Curly Medley gives the unique look to Titanium Granite. I usually would love to personalize the granites and would like to look up the best definition for their characteristics. When I saw Titanium Granite, I have never thought of another name. Smooth curls of white, gray, beige and tan colors hide into black stone.

Titanium Granite is another Brazilian delight. Her relatives are Cosmic Black, Black Fusion, Saturnia and Magna Gold. The authenticity of her comes from the different quality of chemicals and stones like quartzite, biotite and mica. The best thing of her is taking part of every design style. Even in commercial or industrial looking modern kitchen, her elegance is visible if there is natural light and excess kitchen lighting available.

The chance of curly medley in your kitchen remodeling process is using her  as honed  finish granite countertop. You can ask your manufacturer as Honed Titanum Granite, Brushed Titanium Granite or Leather Titanium  Granite. Different names of end product identifies the same process.


Since she has dark feature, questioning minds are hungry to learn about the spots on her. The good thing is curly medley is able to make all spots almost invisible.

Titanium Granite Countertops Pictures

I have picked the some close caption pictures and some whole look  for your review. If you are in kitchen remodeling process and you do not make a decision for backsplash ideas, you may like my other picture in dark cabinets and white cabinets backsplash ideas.

Titanium Granite with White Ceramic Subway  and Glass Mosaic Tiles and Cherry Cabinets

Picture Credit: Hunter and Company Interior Design. Walnut stained cherry cabinets, stainless steel appliance, very matching color backsplash and curly medley. The stone, natural stone and wooden are used to show the rustic contemporary style. Very rich touch. Fantastic job.

 Titanum with Matchstick Glass Backsplash and Off White Cabinets

Titanium granite island
Picture Credit: B&C Design. Very natural colors, milk paint kitchen cabinets, and horizontal stone mosaic backsplash. It should be my dream kitchen !

Please help to speak your mind and please drop a comment for my pictures that have been selected meticulously for your review. If you are still in trouble with the granite material, I may suggest you to check the Granite Countertop: Kitchen Countertop Materials article of mine.

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