Delphic Exhibition: Brown Fantasy Granite Countertops

Brown Fantasy Countertop

Delphic Exhibition: Brown Fantasy Countertop

Delphic Exhibition, the unique look to Brown Fantasy granite countertops. I usually would love give a feminine character name to the countertop materials and would like to look up the best definition by matching to her personality.

This time before talking about the visional show, I would like the name Brown Fantasy granite countertops after the endless gossip: Delphic Exhibition…


Polished Travertine Backsplash with Brown Fantasy Countertop

Picture Credit: Cyrilla Home via Houzz.,Polished travertine herringbone backsplash,Brown fantasy countertop and light gray kitchen cabinets combined well with benjamin moore Arroyo Red 2085-10 flooring and benjamin moore La Paloma Gray 1551 wall color. Fresh looking transitional kitchen. This kitchen makes my mood up.

Leathered Brown Fantasy Hard Marble Countertop with Off White Cabinets

Picture Credit: Stoneshop, These Brown Fantasy Leathered hard marble countertop and island top are the star of this kitchen. With sweeping hues of brown, tan, gray, and white, the movement in this natural stone carries your eye throughout the space. Backsplash field tile is Glazzio’s C-14 Silver Spring 4” x 12”. The insert is Glazzio’s GS-21 Rustic Taupe mosaic. I think cabinet colors are antique white but I will come up with the details.


Polished Fantasy Brown Countertop with Almond White Kitchen Cabinets and Steel Finish Brick Subway Tile

Brown Fantasy Countertop
Picture credit: Mike Schaap Builders, Combining the rustic taste with warm tone traditional kitchen design, this kitchen is a very inspiring example of having all design elements. Polished Fantasy Brown Countertop and Island top are the fine selection to match with the Graham Paint 8180W Almond White Kitchen Cabinets.  Hardwood flooring is 4″ Hickory – Character Grade in a driftwood shade. Backsplash Field Tile – The Tin Man Victorian No. 6-09 Ivory Steel Finish brick , 2’4′ Sheet Range Hood Accent – Tile Sonoma Tilemakers Vitners Reserve Arch Herringbone Clove 1×2 Brick Arch Brick Herringbone and Sonoma Tilemakers Vitners Reserve Panache Clove 3/4″ x 8″. Designers was imbued with strong sense of duty. Hats off design.

Two Tone Cabinets Two Tone Countertops Kitchen Design

Picture Credit: Creative Cabinets. and its team; Photographer: Brendon Pinola, Designer: Jennifer Thompson, CKD Contractor: Lovette Construction. Dove Gray kitchen cabinets. The island is the same door style, but in a coffee finish. The island top is called Fantasy Brown. The perimeter tops are Caesarstone-London Gray 5000. Backsplash is  3×6 Mountain Mist Bevel Gray subway. Trendy designers make this kitchen a grey kitchen. Two-tone countertop and two-tone cabinets are perfectly inserted into the transitional kitchen.


Rustic and Contemporary in Transitional Kitchen Design with White Cabinets and Brown Fantasy Countertop

Picture Credit: Fortis Enterprises LLC., Brown Fantasy Countertop and island top are in good hands by combining the rustic and contemporary taste in a transitional kitchen.  Kitchen Backsplash: 3×6 white subway, Tile Flooring: distressed rustic pine,  Cabinet Color: linen, white  kitchen cabinetry gives a fresh looking to this lovely kitchen…. Lighting,  modern bar stools and sliding rustic farm door are big bonus for my spoiled followers.

Polished Brown Fantasy Hard Marble with Gray Kitchen Cabinetry and Diagonal Set Up Square Backsplash

Picture Credit:Frankel Building Group, Polished Brown Fantasy with diagonal set up square white backsplash, hickory flooring, stainless steel appliance with gray cabinetry. Flexible countertops are always very popular with any kitchen design ideas.

Hot Chocolate Cabinets with Site Finished Plain Sawn Red Oak Flooring and Hard Marble Countertops

Picture Credit: Granite Works Countertops, Sweet hot chocolate colored brown cabinets with brown fantasy countertop. Color combination is completed with the good selection of the hardwood flooring. It was very hard to recognize for me but Oak & Board put my doubting mind away by recognizing the hardwood floor: Plain Sawn Red Oak site finished .


FAQ about Brown Fantasy Countertop

Let me clarify the mind digging questions about Brown Fantasy granite countertops:

1-When she has been first introduced to the market she had been classified like a quartzite. Many countertop sellers have been called her even granite. The confusions rose up and forums and discussions have opened for her. To identify the personality, only way was technical testing. After many testing, Brown Fantasy has been recognized as a Marble. I can imagine your puzzled face but the truth is she is a Hard Marble. Brown Fantasy Countertop’s hardness can beat the Granite and Quartzite hardness. (Please do not give any credit to Brown Fantasy Granite and Brown Fantasy Quartzite.)

2-So, if this Delphic exhibition is marble, the next question is how to protect Brown Fantasy Marble countertop from getting not stained? As long as you seal it properly and clean it with appropriate products, your hard marble will be alive. She can carry the hot pans and pots on it if you do not let them cool down. Brown Fantasy hard marble countertop is one of the no maintenance countertop in kitchen remodeling with almost zero complaints.

Brown Fantasy Countertop Inspirations

Now it is time to share my inspirations about Hard Marble Brown Fantasy;

Hard Marble Brown Fantasy is a heart melting stone by consisting of very soft colors. Her veins are amazingly distributed all around the surface. Some bold veins and some soft shadow looking veins are all mixed up. The whole picture reminds me the wonder of the world. Her pattern is called flowing pattern. The color scale is very wide and it comes with apricot, pewter, chestnut, white, green, gray and tan tones. The best thing about flowing pattern countertops is taking part of every design style. Even in commercial or industrial looking modern kitchen, her elegance is visible if there is natural light and excess kitchen lighting available. Usually the keen eyed designers would like to have her in two-tone kitchen. Either two-tone countertop kitchen ideas or two-tone cabinets kitchen ideas carry Brown Fantasy well. She shows her beauty in more sophisticated way if leathered polish is used on her surface.

The perfect pairing cabinets with Brown Fantasy is white cabinets, light color cabinets, gray cabinets, walnut stained or espresso stained cabinets. Backsplash will be combined with the any color what Hard Marble Brown Fantasy has. For my opinion, grey backsplash, white, golden tones and earth tone backsplash are the good additions to kitchen remodeling ideas. Darker tone flooring is preferable when the off white or crisp clean white cabinets are picked.


Hard Marble Brown Fantasy Countertops in Pictures

Please help to speak your mind and please drop a comment for hard marble Brown Fantasy countertop in pictures below that have been selected meticulously for your review.


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