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Solace Home Design, Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvement ideas: Apprentice Designer, When My Cutie Pie makes a project, she writes a related story. Now I think, I am copying her to share my home improvement ideas.


Pearl Harbor was the best-known port during Second World War, for sure.

For who do not know the Pearl Harbor, has taught in the movie aired last year. Japanese air forces stormed on the 96-armored U.S, Navy vessels and sunk them in one morning.

However, in this port in Hawaii, had 97 naval vessels. Japanese Air forces haven’t touched the one.


Because with the bird view, the deck had been seen white and there was a red cross on her. Your guess is true. She was a hospital ship. Japanese air forces and kamikaze captains didn’t even think to sink her. Because that ship was anchored there, aimed not to kill, did cherish and nourish.
Her name is Solace.

Solace has reduced sorrow of war, throughout American mother.

Approximately twenty five thousand young people were saved from death, moved back to America… All the ports, in each visit were crowded that carried the hope of the mothers or confused minds of the mothers, blurry heads, messy mass.

All Mothers, ran to the pier with a big curiosity, with stopping heart beat feeling (they all took breath) and questioning mind…

“Should Solace bring back my son? “

After the Second World War, an association of young veterans saved thanks to Solace. Established and made a medal on with the relief of Solace. And they proudly wore that meaningful medal.

In those days, the economy prostrate need of every dollar in a faraway land…

They sell to use… Makeup altered the very different purpose…and sold an overseas country.
Hospital ship transferred to the cruise ship


In the early 1980’s, this cruise ship completed her life and sent to disassembling, dismantling. But the mission was not over. Still needed to serve. She was upgraded from the scrap yard to a fountain roof.

How come?


Solace’s most important cabin was completely covered with lead. This cabin was used previously for an x-ray room.

Refer also to the roof…

There, in the Second World War at Pearl Harbor.

Who can imagine that the only ship that the Japanese immersion will see the last vestiges remaining today?

Hope Solace Home Design will be a solution for everyone, who needs some home improvement ideas in their domestic transformation.

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