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Kitchen Sink Ideas for  Your Remodeling

Kitchen Sink Ideas are one of the last things to think about in your dream kitchen. Kitchen sinks are not catchy as much as the kitchen cabinets or the appliances but they have a secret mission in everyday use.   Still  kitchen remodeling, decoration and functionality overlap, debate is all yours. Your life style identifies your sink. Matching the right sink to your needs, your space and your budget would be great addition to your remodeling journey! In my article, the most important parameter to be taken care of is the material. The others are style, size, and number of bowls that sink contains.


The sink ideas give you some little point of panaromic view about the material selection. From the thickness of the material to the easy clean material or from the cracking to sealing are the targeted. For the kitchen sink ideas, the popular materials are: Stainless steel with or without enamel, cast iron with enamel, and acrylic. Fancy ones are copper and bronze.                                Copper Farmhouse Sink with Emporador Dark Marble and Antique White Cabinets
Picture Credit:Design Moe Kitchen and Bath. Antique looking Masterpiece double bowl farm sink and Emporador Dark Marble countertop and Antique white brown glazed cabinets. This kitchen is embellished with natural color travertine subway backsplash. Very impressive work.

Stainless Steel

Heat resistance, cleanliness, durability and affordability are the features of stainless steel. Enamel is such a good crack catcher. Dropping five pounds on it causes a damage or crack. The thicker sinks are quieter. Absorbing pads are also effective to reduce the noise related to gauge pressure.                                             Stainless Steel Apron Sink with White Carrara Marble Subway Tiles
Picture Credit: Town & Country Kitchen and Bath . Lovely German Silver Sink with white Carrara marble and Robin Egg Blue Cabinets. The magic wand touched to this kitchen.

Cast Iron with Enamel

Strength, and style are the best features. You can add some color to your kitchen. Kitchen sink ideas are more brilliant with colorful sinks. On the other hand, you should be very detail oriented person not to damage your beauty.When you drop a sharp object like a knife, kitchen scissor, damage goes deeper and can cause the metal underneath to rust.                                         Cast Iron with Enamel Sink Shines on Espresso Ceasarstone Countertop
Picture Credit: Kohler USA. Fabulous contemporary %50 double bowl sink perfectly matched with Espresso color ceasarstone. Amazing job.


Stain resistant, affordable, easy to clean sinks. Unfortunately they are not heat resistant and your hot pot can cause a melt.


The sink styles can be very dominant in kitchen sink ideas. It is totally you and brings your taste to the sink. The well-known styles are: Under mount, Integral, self-rimmed, farmhouse. 

Under mount

Under mount sinks are deep enough to hold a big pot, and big enough to wash sheet pans without getting water all over. Good looking , easy to clean but need a heavy countertop and professional installation.                                          Under Mount Sink with Torquay Color Cambria Quartzite Countertop
Picture Credit: Create Good. Stainless steel under mount sink and bright Cambria Quartzite Torquay countertop. Clean, fresh and neat.


This kind of style is also known as solid surfacing. The aim is, giving a seamless look to the countertop and sink. Material is mostly stainless steel and sometimes granite , quarztize and acyrilic. Kitchen sink ideas are endless by using different styles. Integral style has a big minus against to the damage. Can you consider to change all piece to get rid of the chip or crack?                                                    Customized Stainless Steel Integral Sink
Picture Credit: Malcom Davis Architecture. Custom designed integral sink in the sun catching kitchen. Fresh and cozy looking.

Self rimmed

There are different names for self rimmed sinks : These are top mount and drop in… Self rimmed sinks can be good match with all kind of countertop materials. They are very friendly for every budget. If you think decoration and functionality you won’t be satisfied with this style. Self rimmed sinks block the nice looking image of the countertops. Grime can build up around the lip of the sink.


Farmhouse sinks other name is apron sinks. Apron names comes from the front looking. We can call them fashionable , since they are used in traditional and country style kitchen sink ideas. But they are not inexpensive and also add some extra cost for the cabinets.


Kitchen sinks can be seen as standard  size and oversized.                                Oversized Sink with Glass Subway Tiles. Cabinets are Walnut  , Countertop is Corian 
Picture Credit: Pacific Coast Kitchen and Bath. Oversized Blanco sink. Adorable color matches with the glass subway and matchstick backsplash  . Two thumbs up for the color and design selection.


Number of bowls can be also very helpful in  the selection of kitchen sinks . Single bowls, and double bowls are very common. Triple bowls are the newest . Double bowls are seperated with a divider to make room for cleaning pots and rinsing the vegetables as well. They look like two tasking . To make sure your life style matches with the partition of the double bowl.  If we take the single bowl as a base and say 100%, partition can take place like 50%,60 % and 80 % in double bowls.  D shapes and standart rectangular shapes are available for double bowls. Little tip for the faucet: If you place an order for a sink, please make sure that, faucet would not come with sink. I will try to give you some idea for faucet selection too… I am looking forward to see the your opinions. Hope this information finds you well.

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