Astoria granite with oak cabinets

Silk Road Journey: Astoria Granite Countertops

I am inspired by the name Astoria granite countertops belongs to a granite. When I used to live in New York, I usually go to Astoria to buy and taste Mediterranean foods. Waldorf Astoria is such an admired luxury hotel on Park Avenue and the musical written by Jura Soyfer, the no-name land Astoria…


The fourth and most kitchen design-related Astoria Granite Countertop comes from India. Since she has some silky, smooth, and fluent feeling, she may use the historic Silk Road too, who knows. The colors of Astoria are usually the tone of all creams and she has brown golden sparkles. Her infinity look pushes me always to cook and prepare some food.


Sometimes granite names are being very confusing, so Astoria can be named Ivory Chiffon, Ivory Crème, Kashmir Crème, and Millennium Cream.


She is such a gorgeous bracelet on any color of cabinets. White, cream, natural oak, cherry, walnut, and cappuccino is my favorites. The best part of picking the Astoria countertop I think, is used in many different design styles from traditional to contemporary.


In white color cabinets, usually darker colors of Astoria  Countertops can be picked. Darker colors are very rare and a little over the budget for this fairytale countertop.

Astoria Granite Countertop Pictures


Dark Astoria Countertop  with Off  White Fancy Cabinets and Kitchen Island

Dark Astoria Granite with off-white fancy cabinets. Picture Credit CirspArchitects via Houzz



Off-white kitchen cabinets can hug the lighter color of Astoria. Instead of pure white, these days, off-white, aging white, and cream colors are more fashionable in these days.


Astoria Countertop and Astoria Full High Backsplash with Oak Cabinets and Oak Kitchen Island

Astoria granite with oak cabinets
Astoria Granite with oak cabinets. Picture credit Linda Burkhardt

If you go for the natural oak, she shows better when you pick the backsplash as Astoria granite too. In this way, a fusion of the color is more visible and you do not need to pick the right backsplash. By the way, natural oak is being trendy in kitchen remodeling.


Astoria Countertop with Cherry Cabinets and Island and Travertine Backsplash

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