Bathroom Lighting and Mirrors Designs

Bathroom lighting and mirror design.

Bathroom Lighting and Mirrors Designs

Bathroom lighting and mirror design.
Picture credit:Bathroompedia Bathroom lighting and mirror design


Bathroom lighting and mirror designs are one of the main elements in your bathroom remodeling ideas. A bathroom is like a pool, where your personality and your style of functionality meet. Grooming, make up, cleaning, discharging take place in one room. For all, the most important thing is having the proper light close the natural light. The correct lighting that breaks shadows and gives you the all details to get better hygiene, cleaning and represents good physical looking. Since mirror has reflection of light, I would like to combine both in the same article: Bathroom lighting and mirrors designs.

Before I would love to write down about the this subject, the most confusing two questions should be answered:

What kind of lighting is good matching with daylight?

The white shades, frost and clear are the best for replacing with daylight.

Do we always need the white shades?

In bathroom lighting and mirrors design ideas, bathrooms should have some soft mood lights. Especially soaking in the tub or some led lights to make bathroom visible in the dark.

Bathroom lighting and mirrors designs are usually giving the right ambiance related to your moods and personality.

Where are the Most Popular Places to Put the Lighting by their Functionality?

Ceiling Lights Picture

Ceiling lights are not suitable for make up and grooming tasks since they can create some shadows. In the small spaces, ceiling lights make the room, brighter and lighter.

Bathroom Chandelier, Shower Recess Light and Bathroom Recess Light

Picture Credit: Trilogy Construction Company. Amazing chandelier and shower recess light , meticulously installed. Square bathroom mirror gives an extra luxury to this elegant bathroom.


Above the Mirror Light Picture

Above the mirror lights are good for if you have large vanity and large mirror to reduce the shadows.


Above the Mirror Light 

Picture credit: Lindy Donnelly . Above the   mirror lights are very neat looking and functional. Mirror shape is octagonal to show  better way the other arches in the bathroom.

Beside the Mirror Light Picture

Beside the mirror lights give no shadow and also look very decorative. In this case mirrors are not big as like as large frameless mirrors. The placement tip is based on the your face height.  Make sure that the brightest part of the light should be in the same line with your face.

Beside the Mirror Lights 

Picture credit: Beth Singer Photography Curvy vanity, modern  jewel like beside the mirror lights and recess light that all make me happy in this picture. Rectangular mirror brings some high ceiling feeling.

On the mirror lightingneeds finely finished in the back since lighting back will be reflected the mirror.

Shower and tub lighting is well known for being bright enough for cleaning and shaving.

Where are the most Popular Places to Put the Lighting Decoratively?

In bathroom lighting and mirrors designs, decoration shows your personality. To make a statement, some little things can be added to your bathroom that will make it stand out.

LED lights and dimmed lights are very fashionable for decorative purposes.

Behind the mirror lighting, usually go for frameless mirrors and led lighting giving a dimension into small areas.

Under Cabinet Lighting in Bathroom Picture

Under cabinet lighting can be used for the vanities, which have space between the floor and vanity bottom. Led lighting again gives a glare to the bathroom in bathroom lighting and mirrors designs.

Under Cabinet Lighting in Bathroom 

Picture Credits:Krogh Interiors. All in one, bathroom lighting, Ceiling for bathtub, pendants for mirror and under cabinet lighting, What else do you need for your bathroom?

 Led Lighting in Bathroom Picture

Led lighting can illuminate bathtub lighting, in or out of the bathtub.

In these days, toilet seatshave some led lighting too.


Toilet Seat with Led Light

Picture Credit: Kohler.  Kohler toilet seat with Nightlight, isn’t that cool !

I am hoping to draw enough structural picture in your mind about the bathroom lighting and mirror designs. Please speak your mind and make richer my article.

Debra Dee ILLEEZ

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