Buff Colored Cirrocumulus: Cambria Buckingham Quartz Countertop

Buffed Color Cirrocumulus: Cambria Buckingham Countertop

Buff Colored Cirrocumulus: Cambria Buckingham Quartz Countertop

Lets talk about the cirrocumulus clouds, before I introduce Cambria Buckingham: Cirrocumulus clouds tend to reflect the red and yellow colors during a sunset and sunrise, and thus they have been referred to as “one of the most beautiful clouds”. In this cloud, the brownish red or brownish yellow colors blinks very often.  And in between the curls, you can see the clear rain drops. So if you are happy with this image, you stand on the right spot. Buff colored cirrocumulus: Cambria Buckingham quartz countertop has all. Cambria Buckingham is an engineered stone in kitchen remodeling ideas. Her earth color tones like reddish brown, golden cream, brownish gray and buff color bring her unique elegant looking. Cambria Buckingham is very loveable. Her personality matches well with off white, white, cream, all tones of cherry and brown tones of cabinets. In these days, she is good with the combination of two-tone cabinets. She is also such a good match for two tone quartz countertop kitchen remodeling projects. She goes well with natural tone backsplash in above combo. If you would like to have natural cream tones travertine backsplash or glass backsplash for your cherry, brown or dark color cabinets, she will rise up the sky and make your kitchen dreamy.  According to cabinet color selection, she can mate with the dark tone backsplash as well. The flooring for this cutie is usually light colors to make enough opposite attraction but dark colors have a different approach in kitchen remodeling.  

Cambria Buckingham Countertop Pictures

After seeing the pictures that I picked for your review, please drop a comment and participate to make Cambria Buckingham happier.

Cambria Buckingham with Rustic Traditional Kitchen Cabinets, Tumbled Travertine Brick Style Tiles, Natural Slate Flooring and Stainless Steel Appliance

” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”362″> Picture Credit: Kowalski Kitchen & Bath., Rustic traditional kitchen carries very well the Cambria Buckingham. Brick style tumbled travertine backsplash and natural slate flooring make good enough contrast to show the beauty of the cabinets and quartz countertop as well.Custom made wood vent hood is a big bonus and arches of the hood and window panel match gently. Very good example for the traditional kitchen .

Cambria Buckingham Countertop and Raised Breakfast Bar Island Top with Brown Berry Stained Birch Cabinets and Natural Slate Flooring

” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”334″> Picture Credit: The Cabinet Store. Cambria Buckingham with birch cabinets and brown berry stain is an integrated couple while the right flooring is chosen. The flooring is natural slate. Stay with me , I will have the name of floor tiles for you 🙂 Very nice example for small kitchen ideas with Cambria Buckingham Countertop. Aisle shape kitchen seems very huge by raised breakfast bar. Admiring job.  

Cambria Buckingham Countertop and Cambria Buckingham Overhang Island Top with Two Tone Cabinets, Colorful Matchstick Backsplash, Dark Hardwood Floor

Traditional Kitchen by Chagrin Falls Kitchen & Bath Designers Lonny at K and B
” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”376″> Picture Credit:Lonny at K and B., Cambria Buckingham with two tone cabinets, colorful matchstcik backsplash and dark hardwood flooring. Stainless steel appliance and stainless steel based stools bring a shimmering gloss while the recess lights are on. For sure the designer has such keen eyes and  passion in kitchen remodeling.

Cambria Buckingham with Split Level Countertop, Travertine Flooring and Dark Tone Cabinets

Traditional Kitchen by Other Metro Kitchen & Bath Designers Charlotte Stafford
” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”376″> Picture Credit: Charlotte Stafford via Houzz., Traditional homey kitchen would not be presented warmly, without Cambria Buckingham countertop. I admire the split level countertop and the cabinet colors.  Very happy and functional kitchen.

Cambria Buckingham and Cambria Oakhampton Quartz Two Tone Countertops with Two Tone Cabinets, Glass Matchstick Backsplash , Hardwood Flooring, Split Level Island Top and Kitchen Chandelier

Contemporary Kitchen by Eden Prairie Tile, Stone & Countertops Cambria
” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”500″> Picture Credit: Cambria., Dare to have kitchen. Two tone cabinets and two tone countertop are viable in the same time.  Glass Matchstick Backsplash,elegant kitchen pendant, stainless steel appliance and hardwood flooring. Overhang Cambria Buckingham split level island is the main focusing element in here. The perimeter is chosen as Cambria Oakhampton. Chocolate and buff colors are fabulous.
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