What is Backsplash? Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

What is Backsplash? Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

                                                                                       Travertine Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas
Picture Credit: Palaceheart.com Travertine Backsplash with the harmony of cabinets and countertop.

Backsplash is a protective coat of your wall, as well as decoration piece. Especially in the cooking and food preparing area: water, steam, oil, and veggie residues can make some steady damages on your wall. When you put a coating behind the countertops, your first aim is protection and second is decoration. Kitchen backsplash ideas are analyzed in this page.

Which Backsplash is Good For Your Kitchen?

Picking the right backsplash for your kitchen remodeling can be very confusing.
Would you want to get rid of the fear of backsplash? Are you ready to swim in idea pool? If yes, you should research for the right one, with all details, then you can have the dream one.  I am hoping that Kitchen Backsplash Ideas give you a punctual view.
Let me try to categorize your fear by some useful parameters. Material, form,and shape are design selections. They are the most important things in this decision. If there is harmony between these three; Work like a bee for the kitchen cabinets and countertops to complete the steps. Choosing the best backsplash by matching cabinets and best countertops are completed with a wee. After painting the walls and adding the kindred floor, your inner voice will agree with your feasibility… Be as happy as you can.

Material Selection in kitchen backsplash ideas:

The most common materials are glass, ceramic, marble, onyx,  granite, stainless steel and copper, brick. The recycled glass pebble and dust, mosaic and even harvested bamboo or cork dots are used as backsplash in these days.  Concrete backsplash takes place in these race, especially for non-cooking side of the kitchen. As you see, endless selection of  kitchen backsplash ideas surround your imagination.

                                                                       Copper Backsplash with  Natural Mahogony Stained White Rift Oak Cabinets

Picture Credit : Mark Dutka, In House Design Studio. Copper backsplash enlighten the two color cabinets. Black borders on white rift oak kitchen cabinets are good choices. The stain is Natural Mahogany.  Cabinet with glass doors are also fine addition .


                                                    Matchstick Glass Backsplash with White Quartzite Countertop 

Picture Credit: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc. Matchstick glass backsplash is in a transitional kitchen. Colors are very soft and mixed ,White quartzite countertop is very joyful by having sweet company.


Material form:

Material form can be divided as plane surface or tile surface. Plane surfaces are granite, marble, onyx, stainless steel and copper and concrete. Please note that concrete tiles are also available in the market. Since the fame of  Gray Kitchen Ideas are being in the air, concrete tiles embellish your kitchen.

Tile surfaces can be categorized as

a. Colored glass, colored recycle glass pebbles or colored recycled glass dusts (urethane grout).

                                                           Glass Customized Backsplash with oak Cabinets 

Picture Credit: Mc Kinney York Architects. Glass customized backsplash is heat resistant and fabricated, Matched with oak cabinet and gray European style wall cabinets. Color selection is amazing.

b. Ceramic
c. Marble
d. Mosaic
e. Harvested bamboo
f. Cork dots.
g. Brick

Material Shape and Material Design:

Material shape and design may vary as tile shapes and design:
a. Subway tiles

                                     Subway Ceramic Tiles with Light Color Cabinets and Absolute Black Granite

Picture Credit: Carney Logan Burke Architects via Houzz. Green subway ceramic tiles give a fresh feeling to this kitchen . Absolute Black Granite countertop brings crusty air to strengthen to freshness. Echo Wood veneer faced cabinets look gorgeous. Very good job for modern style kitchen.

b. Rectangle border tiles
c. Hexagonal tiles
d. Customized mosaic


                                                            Customized Mosaic with Walnut Color Cabinets 

Picture Credit: Dayna Katlin Interiors. Customized mosaic combines with Walker Zenger subway ceramic tiles. White countertop and Walnut color cabinets are binding very much. Lovely kitchen.

e. Standard mosaic (small square shapes can be described as half inch by half inch)




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