Mourning Dove: Cambria Devon Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Cambria Devon Quartz Kitchen Countertops

 Mourning Dove: Cambria Devon Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Mourning Dove is known as with her great grayish brown tail which can combine well with all her body feathers. These feathers have some blend colors or some plain colors; white, beige, brown, gray and earth tones.  Very simple but very harmonic tale is my inspiration for  Cambria Devon Quartz Kitchen Countertops.  Cambria Devon is very popular in these days for gray kitchen remodeling.

The unique pattern of Cambria Devon unlike the other  homogenous pattern quartz countrops , make her very fancy:  Grayish brown color with eye catching specs. These specs will change the color by the sunlight or under a kitchen recess light. If there is not enough light , specs will be visible like graphite color else, they turn into toffee brown. Surprisingly, if the honed countertop is in kitchen remodeling, this graphite color shows itself without any doubt. Cambria Devon, the lonely star,  has no sibling to survive the sibling rivalry.

Since Gray Kitchen Ideas is well loved by mostly interior designers or  mostly  homeowners, Cambria Devon Quartz Kitchen Countertops Ideas would take place in in your reading log.

Usually Off White Kitchen Cabinets , Gray White Kitchen Cabinets needs some gray touch which is provided by Cambria Devon. Beside this, without changing your dark color cabinets, adding a Cambria Devon Quartz would be the right choice of kitchen remodeling. If your taste also goes for the dark cabinets, Gray Looking Quartz Countertop would be preference where the blending color will help to select the right backsplash. No matter what your kitchen design is, you are in the good path to follow by having Mourning Dove. Colors will show their own visual dance in very comfortable way and peaceful spirit will surround your kitchen. Especially for open kitchen designs , Cambria Devon Quartz Kitchen Countertops give the best turnover ratio.

Gray Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Cambria Devon Quartz Countertops are also very easy to work with. I would like to rank the top three picks as mosaic glass backsplash, subway marble backsplash and travertine backsplash respectively.

Cambria Devon Quartz Kitchen Countertops Pictures

The exceptions which advocate for the ideas,  are unlimited. Below Cambria Devon Quartz Kitchen Countertops Pictures are for review.


Picture Credit: Ciro Coelho Photography,and Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects LLP . Breathtaking kitchen. Cambria Devon with cherry cabinets with matching hardwood floor. The wall which seems like a backsplash, is actually poured-in-place concrete left raw (no finish). For more details about concrete backsplash you may like the article of mine, The effect of the holes the wall  are all natural where they hold the two sides of the form together during the concrete pour, and are then snapped off when the forms are released. I think, the real serendipity  hides inside the interior designer’s eye for backsplash idea. Humble, nude and very catchy.


Picture Credit: Gina Godin via Houzz. Fondly Grey Kitchen Design.  Cambria Devon would not be defined well without plenty of kitchen pendants and kitchen recess light and fine selection of the cabinet colors. Looking in the first impression, Breakfast bar and the countertop seem totally different. However ,  they are same as Cambria Devon Engineered Stone. Two tone gray cabinets, how beautifully combines very well, stand like a happy couple. Both wall and base cabinets are HPL material. Base cabinets have rustic birch effect on them, while wall cabinets are the combination of a grey lacquer.  Grey metallic backed glass mosaic backsplash is the real bonus to verify the many shades of gray which are very fashionable in gray kitchen ideas. Very stunning and unique!


Cambria Devon Quartz Countertop
Picture Credit: Collage Designs . Airy,dreamy and extraordinary traditional kitchen design. Cambria Devon with off white cabinets and  pre-finished matte expresso stain flooring. Desginer’s Tip: Home which is near the beach, needs an engineered plank hardwood flooring.  Rustic kitchen island gives the sweetest taste, when blends well with  off white kitchen cabinets,quartz countertop, backsplash (backsplash type is brick veneer or facade brick. The detail comes with white washing paint on them to create the the best look. The other similar option for the backsplash is subway travertine tile, Alabastrino Rustico, that would be a good replacement if you are not in good hands.),flooring, beams and wall color ( Benjamin Moore, Winter Sky 2163-70).  Detail oriented, mesmerizing and refreshing !


Picture Credit : Unique Spaces via Houzz. Astonishing combination of the brown and the gray would make you happy, while your consideration is dark kitchen cabinet ideas. Cambria Devon Kitchen Countertop finds the best playmates ever. Mahogany cabinets with cocoa bean stain, Raven glass mosaic tiles and Pietre Dei Console, Salaria anthracite floor tiles are the best coordinating  kitchen design elements.


Picture Credit: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design . Honed Cambria Devon Kitchen Countertop coordinates well with white kitchen cabinets and olive color glass matchstick backsplash. Honed countertops are good options while the kitchen design has some shiny elements already. Here the shine comes from backsplash and natural sunlight. Neat and simple makes the modern.


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