Quartz Countertop Materials

quartz countertop materials
quartz countertop materials
Many Thanks to one of my  dedicated follower, sharing her beautiful modern kitchen. Picture Credit: Suzan Sonmez , Exit Realty DTC. Samsung Radiance Quartz,Gentle Gray gently matches with flat panel expresso cabinets. Cabinets by Merillat and handles are Euro Handle .Lovely curves and harmony of the taste.

Quartz Countertop Materials

In kitchen countertop materials, quartz countertop materials (manmade) compete well with natural stone countertops. It is known that, quartz countertops are more durable than the stone countertops.  Manmade countertops come in various thickness, colors, and price ranges.

What are Quartz Countertop Materials?

Engineered stone is a composite material made of crushed stone bound together by a polymer resin. It can be used as a kitchen countertop or floor tile.  Silestone, cambria, zodiac and Caesar stone are under the wing of quartz countertop materials.

                                                           Parliament Blue Silestone with Gray Cabinets and Blue Glass Mosaic Backsplash

Parliament blue Silestone 
Picture credit: Nonn’s Design Showplace. Parliament Blue Silestone , gray cabinets and blue glass mosaic backslplash. I think I am blue too 🙂 Very good for veggie and seafood lovers, all colors would like to sing blue(s) …

                                           Honed Finish Black Silestone with Orange Thermophil Cabinets. 

matte finish Silestone  kitchen countertop
Picture Credit: Image Arcade. Honed finish black Silestone with orange cabinets. Orange and black combination is very classy.

Rustic Cabinets and Off White Cabinets , Corner Wall Cabinet , Stone hook, Iron Glass Chandelier and Cambria Quartz Countertop

Cambria quartz countertop 
Picture credit: TWD Surfaces. Sometimes your words could not describe the special beauty. Every corner of this kitchen from rustic cabinets to stone hook, corner glass cabinets and iron and glass pendants to curvy cambria quartz countertop , all are amazing. Chisel Edge cutting is such an artisan work.  Two thumbs up.

Zodiaq Countertop with Birch Cabinets

zodiaq  quartz countertop
Picture Credit: Stone Contact. Antique Pearl Zodiaq countertop with birch cabinets. Classic kitchen with strong elements.


Mitered Edge with Laminaton, Ceasarstone Countertop

ceasarstone kitchen countertop
Picture Credit: JRP Design and Remodeling. Ceasarstone is used as mitered edge lamination as well as countertop. Very well structured design idea.


What is the Priority of Quartz Countertop  Materials in Kitchen Remodeling?

Engineered stone trumps natural stone, including granite and marble, in terms of durability. The quartz manufacturing process creates a nonporous surface that is stronger than natural stone. While you must seal granite counters annually, quartz  countertop materials never require sealing. Some consumers prefer the uniform coloring throughout quartz surfaces, while others favor the natural variation and random veins in granite, soapstone and other authentic minerals.

Quartz Countertop Materials can be picked up by having some physical properties as well as the natural stones in Kitchen remodeling process: These are; being tough and waterproof, resisting highly to scratch and heat.

What is the myth of using coated quartz countertop materials ?

An antimicrobial additive that is trademarked under the name of Microban is coated on the quartz countertops. Microban is made from triclosan, which is used to disinfect hospitals. Alternately, this might cause bacteria on countertops with Microban to develop a resistance to antimicrobial agents, resulting in resilient strains. A 1998 study from Tufts University, showed E. coli developed a resistance to triclosan due to overexposure. This has been neither proven nor disproven in Microban surfaces, though.

What are the  well known parameters of quartz countertop materials in kitchen remodeling? 

Thickness: There are two type of thickness available in the markets. One is 2 centimeter (¾ inches), the other is 3 centimeter (1 ¼ inches). If it gets thicker, the quality is getting better. Better quality stands for less chance to get break.

Colors and Pattern: Usually plain colors and uniform designs are the most popular decision. Colors are unlimited in quartz selection in kitchen countertop materials. On the other hand, Cambria has some pattern as novelty.


Silestone with Off White Cabinets and Ceramic Backsplash 

Silestone kitchen countertop
Picture Credit: Nonn’s Design Showplace . Silestone with off white cabinets and lovely diagonal ceramic tile. Microwave is placing on the side of island. Very functional design. Very good job.


Price Ranges: Regular price of quartz begins over the median of granite prices.

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