Rainforest Star: Uba Tuba Granite Countertops

uba tuba granite countertop


uba tuba granite countertop
Picture Credit: Award Winning Thomas Buckborough & Associates. Off white cabinets , natural color travertine backsplash and Rainforest Star Uba Tuba. Sensational !
  Uba Tuba is a small town in the middle of Amazon forest in Brazil. The lucky town has a star that shines all around the world. Rainforest star: Uba Tuba Granite. Uba Tuba granite countertops are very attractive with her greenish, brownish and golden specs; her homogenous distribution of colors brings extra softness. She has very tuneful structure to show her inner beauty. If you look at her you can feel yourself in a deep green lake in a sunny day while sun beams goes through the water. I think, She is everything a star should be, a star that can everybody catch.   She is known with her other common names as Verde Uba Tuba, Amazon Uba Tuba. Her sisters are Peacock Green, Verde Butterfly and Emerald Pearl. Like other dark granites, she loves abundant lights. In the first sight she seems like black granite if there is not enough lighting. Her playmates in the kitchen remodeling process are both light and medium- dark color cabinets. With playful Uba Tuba you will have a wide variety of cabinets and backsplash selection. All the white tones of cabinets, all oak tones, cherry tones, light walnut tones, gray and green tones, birch  cabinet would like take part in the Uba Tuba’s star party. Backsplash picking can be natural colors or, green or earth tones, stainless steel is a good addition too. . When kitchen remodeling is done, you won’t be unsatisfied.  

Uba Tuba Granite Countertop Pictures


                                   Gray Cabinets, Natural Stone  and Glass Backsplash, with Uba Tuba Granite

Picture Credit: Lowe’s of West Lancaster, PA. Eclectic kitchen . Gray is new black, very nice match of ceramic and glass backsplash and beautiful deep green looking Uba Tuba.

                               KraftMaid Cherry Cabinets, Natural Stone Mosaic Backsplash + Uba Tuba Granite

Picture Credit:Kristina Green, Kraft Maid Cabinets. Cherry Honey spice cabinets with Mocca Hightlighs and Natural stone mosaic backsplash and lake green Uba Tuba, very good and very inspirational
                                         White Cabinet with Stainless Steel Backsplash and Uba Tuba Granite
Picture Credit: Southeastinteriordesign. Stainless steel backsplash with rainforest star uba tuba, White, silver and deep green combination is a new era in kitchen remodeling
                                                   Maple Cabinets with Slate Backsplash and Uba Tuba Granite
Picture Credit: Supremesurface. Earthy picture. The best matching part are the slate trapezoidal shape backsplash connected with diamond shape of granite matching countertop. Maple cabinets are gorgeous.
                                                 Birch Cabinet with Glass Backsplash and Uba Tuba Granite
Picture Credit:2GO Custom Kitchens. Birch , orange glass backsplash and uba tuba . Colors are coordinated well . Soft and clean looking.
Please do not hesitate to share your pictures and your valuable comments to support to Rainforest Star. Please enjoy looking at the pictures that has been selected for your review. If you would like to look up more about the granite material,  Granite Countertop : Kitchen Countertop Materials article of mine may be helpful.    

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