Friendly Feature: Santa Cecilia Granite Countertop

Santa Cecilia Granite Countertop

Friendly Feature: Santa Cecilia Granite Countertops

Santa Cecilia Light Granite Santa Cecilia Gold Granite Kitchen Countertop Saint Cecilia St Cecilia Cabinets Santa Cecilia Per Square Foot Granite Slab
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Elements of Harmony in the kitchen. Two-layer island and Eddie Bauer Fig color cabinets, and very soft tiles as flooring and backsplash


There are some people in your life, who appear suddenly and make your day. The weird feeling of having her before or meeting with her, before questions your mind and then your mind gives up, so you called them “friendly”. Santa Cecilia granite countertops have very friendly features. She might have the character because of her original name which means that the way for the blind in Latin, or her fame of color in classic kitchen remodeling. She has kept her popularity since granite countertop became fashionable in 1990.


The Brazilian Classic Santa Cecilia granite is from the same family of Giallo Cecelia and Amber Yellow. The confusion between the Venetian Gold happens very often. To prevent confusion, it is good to know that Santa Cecilia has a flow and Venetian Gold is without flow. In her flow, speckles are golden, bronze, brown, and gray.

Santa Cecilia granite is very friendly with cream or bone tone backsplashes; crackle tiles, copper mosaic backsplash, and light travertine. Her friendly features make the most color of cabinets happy: The dark oak cabinets, Eddie Bauer fig color cabinets, Wyoming Cherry Spice, Scottsdale Maple Espresso, and Andover Maple Spice, Butterscotch can be a flirting playmate for her.


Please speak your mind after checking out my inspirations. You can also read my related backsplash ideas as of white cabinets and dark cabinets with Santa Cecilia granite countertops. If you are new to kitchen remodeling you may check the other article of mine, which would be very useful for your kitchen renovation;  Granite Countertop: Kitchen Countertop Materials 

Santa Cecilia Granite Countertop Pictures

Santa Cecilia Countertop with  Butterscotch Cabinets and Ceramic Square and Ceramic Mosaic Tiles


 Natural Stone Modern Shop Slab Dark Slabs Bathroom Range Marble 3 cm Counter Project Sample House Material Visit Beige Decor Polished Surface Style Cost
Picture Credit: Sweet Home Caroline


I was surfing the internet and this blog made my day. Marriage of Butterscotch cabinets and Santa Cecilia, Happily ever after!

I think the under-wall cabinet lighting is such a good addition to this couple. Thank you very much, Sweet Home Caroline.


Santa Cecilia Countertop with Antique White Cabinets  and Maple Island Cabinets and Diagonal Travertine Backsplash

 Santa Cecilia Granite Quartz Pearl Price Beauty Design Install Free Burgundy Stones Inspired Creating Colors Materials Floor Walls Space Resistant
Picture Credit: Stone Creek Surfaces


Very well done the job, maple island, antique cream cabinets, perfect lighting, and nice tiles. This combo is the best for Santa Cecilia granite countertops.


 Santa Cecilia Countertop with Cherry Java Cabinets and Matchstick Mosaic Tiles

 Santa Cecilia Granite Santa Cecilia Kitchen Ideas Wall Surface Quartz Classic Beauty Cost Install Burgundy Counter Project Stones Cabinet Color Colors Inspired Resistant Yellow
Picture credit: Gallery Hip


Dancing with the stars. Cumberland Cherry Java cabinets and Santa Cecilia granite. Natural mosaic tile is like embellishment.


Santa Cecilia Countertop and Full Height Backsplash with Auburn Cabinets. 


Santa Cecilia Granite Kitchen Veins Stones Burgundy Color Creating Colors Santa Cecilia Granite St Cecilia Kitchen Santa Cecilia Light Granite Cecilia Granite Modern Slabs Marble Bathroom Brown Per Square Foot Natural Stone
Picture credit: Virtual Warehouse


Traditional kitchen with Santa Cecilia granite countertops and full-height backsplash. I am totally mesmerized.


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