Queen Elsa’s Kind: White Ice Granite Countertops


Queen Elsa Kind: White Ice granite countertops. In the pursuit of having white granite in the kitchen, you have different options: White Ice, Alaskan White, Ice Blue, Kashmir White, Delirium White, White Spring, Bianco Antico, and others. It is the combination of blotchiness and veining movements that makes White Ice granite is a unique stone, much like Queen Elsa’s personality in the movie, “Frozen.”

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White Ice in the Black Ship! Fantastic couple ! Floor and backsplash selection and lighting are bonus. Picture credit : Trend Kitchen Cabinets.



When the granite quarry first opens the specs inside the granite have some certain colors. As the quarry goes deeper, the colors tend to change. White ice is a good example of this drastic change. First, she is identified with her white, cream, and black specs. But deeper, White Ice’s specs become grayer, bluish, and taupe.

White Ice Granite Countertop Pictures

I am assuming that these selected pictures find you well. For more backsplash ideas matching with white cabinets and dark cabinets, you may see the other fine taste picture in my related articles.

White Ice Countertop with White Cabinets and Small Mosaic Backsplash

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Picture Credit: All Stone Concepts

Spots and waves make White Ice granite countertops unique.


The Brazilian elegance White Ice is a choice for your kitchen remodeling that will not disappoint. She does not clash with most cabinet colors. Still, your backsplash selection will be best with natural tones. White Ice granite is best matched with Aqua subway tiles and light color cabinets.


Now, it is time to share inspiring pictures. Please feel free to drop a comment to make this article more lovable. If you would like to learn more about granite material, I may suggest you check the Granite Countertop: Kitchen Countertop Materials article of mine.

 White Ice Granite with two-tone cabinets and Shiny Dark Green Subway Tiles. 

White Ice Granite Bathroom High Small Due Great Available Find Many Popular Much Like Countertops Ice Granite White Granite Mineral Deposits Countertops Stone Cabinets Grey Brazil Slab Blue Kitchen
Picture Credit: Leslie Ann Interior Design

Black island  is opposed to blackish greenish backsplash  and white kitchen cabinets and cherry flooring, White ice seems like a jewel.


White Ice Granite with Aged Sage Island Cabinets and White Kitchen Cabinets 

White Ice Granite White Kitchen Grey Brazil Slabs Dark Per Square Mineral Deposits Ice Granite Countertops Cabinets Stone Grey Slab Per Square Granite Countertops White Ice Kitchen Mineral
Picture Credit: Atlanta Legacy Homes . How lovely combination of pastels colors. I admire the Greyish green cabinet island, off-white cabinets, and of course White Ice Granite.


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