River white granite with dark cherry kitchen cabinet
River white granite with dark cherrykitchen cabinet
Picture Credit: Kitchen Countertops River White Granite Countertops on dark cherry cabinets.

Soothing Agent: River White Granite Countertops


It is always hard to pick the best stone to match with your dream kitchen. River White granite countertops You can decide on a color like “white” then, there are different options to spin your head.


River White granite countertops carry some smooth white, cream and gray tones movements and some soft light green, burgundy, cream and white specs.These infusions give you a soothing effect. When you meet this Indian loveliness at the first sight, She flows slowly without having any blurry in her riverbed. She has siblings as Kashmir  White, Colonial White, and Monte Bello. Monte Bello is such a rare seeing stone. I did not even have a chance to see her yet, River White granite countertops are also known as White River and Valley White.


She can hold any neutral color of backsplashes and even darker color backsplashes under the condition of some chosen white tone cabinets. The advantages of her are being involved with all colors of cabinets and matte finishes.

The only disadvantage of her is having some stain, which marks you as a heavy cook. If you read my granite countertop-cleaning article, you will find out some easy solution. Basically, you do not need to be on top of her every time about having stain.


Now time to share my inspired pictures with you. Please do not hesitate to drop off your comments. If you need more ideas you can check River White with Dark Cabinets or River White with White Cabinets articles of mine.

River White Granite Counter Top Photos


River White Countertop with Off  White Cabinets and Diagonal Ceramic  Tile

” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”752″> Picture credit: Veranda Homes . Latte color cabinets, neutral color backsplash and river white  on the island and on the sides too.


River White Countertop and Full High Backsplash With Cappuccino Kitchen Cabinets

” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”332″> Picture credit: Maxine Schnitzer Photography.River white  on cappuccino kitchen cabinets and she is also used for full high backsplash, Like a dream picture very classy.


River White Countertop with Two Toned Cabinet and Red Ceramic Tile

<a ” alt=”” width=”500″ height=”382″> Picture credit: 4 Brothers LLC. River White countertops are on top of dark cabinets and red backsplash, fabulous design, showing the fusion of the color very well.



River White Countertop with White Cabinets and Blue Gray Mosaic Backsplash Design


River White Countertop with Walnut Cabinets and Travertine Diagonal Backsplash

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