Brownie granite with cream kitchen cabinet

Sweet Treat: Brownie Granite Countertops

Brownie granite countertops are not for eating!

Brownie granite with cream kitchen cabinet

Picture credit: Granite Impression, Brownie granite is always good with a cream! Very delicious and rich looking. Natural light and pendant lights show all the details. 

Brownie granite countertops are like a little indulgent in your kitchen. The look is the same as real brownie. Non-rigid, spongy look big and small circles, warm brown colors that you won’t regret in your kitchen remodeling process.

Brownie Granite surface is quite busy with the mixture of warm browns and randomly spread circles. Her circle colors are golden, red, green and cream. All the colors and shapes are in harmony in this prettiness. Her origin is from Brazil. She looks a lot like the Baltic Brown Granite, but the main characteristic of her is her rare finding circles.

The harmony of colors brings wide options to all homeowners debating about the kitchen cabinets and backsplash. Brownie Granite Countertops are always a good match with any color of cabinets and with any earth color backsplashes.

The pictures below are the ones that I adored and are ready to share with you. I am looking forward to seeing your comments soon. Please also share your kitchen granite  pictures. It is not easy to see her beauty very often. Thank you for your collaboration. And also, If you are new in kitchen remodeling, my article Granite Countertop : Kitchen Countertop Materials would be very useful during kitchen renovation.

Brownie Granite Countertops Photos


 Brownie Counter Top with Dark and Light Cherry Cabinets and Cream Color Subway Tiles

This smooth brown granite is very friendly with all cherry colors. Earth tone kitchen is getting more warm feeling with her. Picture Credit: Home Interiors Ideas


 Brownie Counter Top with Walnut Cabinets and Travertine Backsplash

Brownie finished granite with walnut kitchen cabinet

The walnut color cabinet and nice flooring. No doubt finished brownie granite complete the puzzle. Picture credit: Stone Contact


 Brownie Granite Espresso Kitchen Cabinet with Travertine Subway Backsplash Design

Brownie granite with dark kitchen cabinet

Hmm, brownie and wine. It seems a celebration of the  new face of the new kitchen, Dark cabinets, natural color backsplash and the jewel: Brownie Granite . Picture credit: Stone Contact.

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