Surfer Crossing: Surfer Boy Bedroom Ideas

Surfer Boy Bedroom Ideas

Surfer Crossing: Surfer Boy Bedroom Ideas

  Action on the waves, energy on your body and fun in the summer takes place in this article. Surfer Crossing! Surfer Boy Bedroom Ideas. I think, another rich taste of water and ocean is ready to be demonstrated. In Surfer Boy bedroom ideas, color selection is a piece of cake. Any color your little boy likes can be applied to the room. Fabric choice can be floral printed or any surf related printed, striped, plaid or plain. In this article you will have fewer subjects than the other ocean related themes. The surfboard, waves and surfer boy are good to go together. Some Hawaiian style can be added. As a decoration you can use any framless picture and figurines.  

Surfer Boy Bedroom Ideas in Pictures

  I will be very pleased if you can add more pictures about Surfer Boy Bedroom Ideas.

 Ocean Wave Wall Mural, Full Panel Bed , Wall to Wall Rug, and Eclectic Nightstand for Surfer Boy

Picture Credit: Jodie Cooper Design via Houzz. Very nice matching wall mural, bedding and surfboard. Simple and elegant. The contrast between the flooring and decoration helps to pop up the ocean colors. Blinds color gives the contrast too . Love it as a whole piece.

 Black and White Striped Wall Paper with Surfer Boy Border and Twin Size Panel Bed with red Aloha Bedding

Aloha surfer boy bedroom ideas for decoration
Picture credit: 1. bp. blogspot. The most loving part of the room is the black and white striped wall paper and  surfer boy wall border. Black, white and red are coordinated well and also matches with the surfboard. Surfer sign is such a good idea to emphasize the theme. Aloha bedding and foldable tray nightstand give the fresh looking at the first sight.

Dark Chestnut  Twin Size Panel Bed with Nightstand and, Matching Surf Theme Bedding, Curtains, Area rug. Rattan Toy Chest 

Surfer boy bedroom and bedding
Picture Credit: Pottery Barn Kids. Lovely bedding with the surfboards match with rug. Panel bed and nightstand are the same color as dark chestnut. Neutral color wall arts and rattan toy chest are stylish. Navy blue flat panel curtain is plus. Two thumbs up.The mural at  the ceiling is very meaningful. Surf around the world! Did you find out little figurine in front of the window?

Brown House Shaped Loft Bed , Surfboard, Plaid and Plain Kid’s Armchairs, Rattan Ottoman in a Surfer Boy’s Bedroom

Surfer boy bedroom ideas with loft bed
Picture credit: 2.bp.blogspot. If my little boy has a loft bed like a beach house style and the sea turtles walk through the house , surfboard is accessible, he cheers and he is ready to frolic. Hats off design.
    Please wait for my upcoming article written for a beach boy.

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