Backsplash School (2): What is Arabesque Backsplash Tile?

Arabesque Tile Backsplash

What is Arabesque Backsplash Tile?

Arabesque backsplash tile is an artistic tile with elongated or chubby leaf motives. The vertical arabesque backsplash setup is the most common. It feels like a diagonal setup backsplash with a finer taste.

Designers would like to add arabesque tile if the other kitchen design elements are mostly neat and plain. Kitchen remodeling and backsplash selection have unlimited options and one of the most elegant ways to show your kitchen’s beauty is arabesque backsplash ideas.


Tri-Color Arabesque Backsplash Tiles

Arabesque Tile Backsplash Mosaic Tile Floor Tile Sample White Arabesque Porcelain Tile Bathroom Shower Installation Sort By Featured Style Stone
Picture Credit:Granite Division Inc. Daltile Baroque ET Beige, Not only one color, the melange brings more elegant look to the backsplash.

Beveled Arabesque Glazed Ceramic Backsplash Tile

Gray Room Piece Shape Light Project Interior Space Details Customer Size Blue Modern Free Stunning Sign Finish Order Create Brand Color Account Grout Type Address Dark Design Filters
Picture Credit: Ramona Griffin, G&G Interior Design, Glazed Ceramic Beveled Arabesque Wall Tile. Product Name: Ivory Coast Arabesque Tile

White Carrara Marble Arabesque Backsplash Tiles

Furniture Beautiful Colors Materials Search Filter Inspiration Country Company Online Perfect Look Product Black
Picture Credit: Reico Kitchen and Bath, White Carrara Marble Arabesque Tile ,

Custom Pattern Ceramic Arabesque Backsplash Tiles

Tile Backsplash White Arabesque Floor Tile Style Stone Porcelain Traditional Room Light Customer Color Colors Black Look Arabesque Tile
Design Credit to: Kim Bailey Interiors ,Photo Credit to: Michael Hunter Photography, The backsplash tile is from Walker Zanger. It is a custom pattern called  the Tuileries Loire Crackle Collection.

Arabesque Tile Backsplash

Beveled Arabesque Ceramic Backsplash Tiles

White Arabesque Wall Sample Shower Bathroom Porcelain Tile Add Shape Light Project Featured Interior Space Piece Details Blue Free Collection Modern Sign Finish Size Ideas Stunning
Picture Credit: 400 West Design via Houzz. Beveled Arabesque Whisper White Ceramic Backsplash Tile

Glass Arabesque Backsplash Tiles

Order Create Grout Dark Design Filters Furniture Beautiful Colors Search Online Perfect Look Product Black Tile Sample Wall Floor Porcelain Tile Bathroom Tiles Material Shower Mosaic Installation Sort By Featured Style Marble Stone Porcelain Glass Kitchen Gray Pattern Traditional Room Add Shape Light Project Details Customer Size Blue White Modern Sign Create Color Classic Beautiful Colors Perfect
Picture Credit: Rocky Point Tile, Taupe Glass Arabesque Tile

Material Selection for Arabesque Tiles

Almost the same material as brick backsplash tiles are used for the arabesque tiles. The trend goes for ceramic, marble, and glass arabesque tiles. Some good patterns can be applied on stainless steel backsplash.

What is Beveled Arabesque Tile?

Beveled edges are a common aesthetic nicety added to backsplash tiles especially arabesque tiles. This technique can also be seen in subway tiles, it is called Beveled Subway Tile: The angles are not sharp, the texture of the edges is soft and sophisticated. Beveled arabesque tiles are allowing the homeowners to keep the traditional and classical appeal of the kitchen remodeling while giving a different fine taste of backsplash selection.

Arabesque backsplash kitchen tile pictures are always happy pictures. They always upgrade your steady mood to a classic romance mood. I am hoping that you are ready for that kind of mood change with the below various arabesque backsplash tiles.












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