Bianco Romano Granite

The White Swan: Bianco Romano Granite Countertop

Bianco Romano Granite
Matching cabinets and floor, this is such a good chance to show up the Bianco Romano Granite,picture credit


I am always inspired with the colors that matches easily with other colors. I think, these are called the base colors in interior design terminology. Bianco Romano is the sister of Bianco Antigo, Colonial Cream, or Colonial White , White Ice, Delicatus White or Delicatus Brown , Andormeda, and White Galaxy.

When I saw first time the picture of Bianco Romano Granite, I fell in love with the burgundy sparkles with smooth brownish grays. That looks very elegant like a white swan floating on the lake. So, If I can do some analogy by using any kitchen, bianco romano granite is your swan  and cabinets , backsplashes and floors are your lake and lakeside.


Bianco Romano  has a smooth , clean and relaxation feeling if it matches perfectly in your kitchen. Below the picture,  to pop up the stone, backsplash color has been chosen plain glass and cabinets have aging feeling and floor is wooden oak color.

Bianco Romano Granite Countertop Pictures

Bianco Romano Countertop with Sage Green Cabinets and Gray Glass Backsplash and Sage Green Island 

Smooth bianco romano
Soft dark color cabinets and bianco romano, picture credit Veranda Interiors


Bianco Romano Granite an easy and chic selection for your kitchen since white cabinets, dark and natural color cabinets shows the beauty of the stone. Then the right selection of backsplash is next. Like plain color, very little embellished or not busy color backsplashes brings ideal environment for Bianco Romano Granite.


If the cabinet colors are cream or white, and Bianco Romano  is your countertop, backsplashes and appliances should show some connection by choosing the color. Usually darker colors give the brilliant image in your kitchen when your choice goes dark in kitchen remodeling. Lighter colors has always  mint clean feeling. Below picture ,  I like the dark color appliances in the middle of the white cabinets and glass very pale green backsplashes.

 Bianco Romano Countertop with White Cabinets and and Glass Subway Tiles

White kitchen with Bianco Romano Granite
White kitchen with Bianco Romano ,picture credit HGTV




When you will go for walnut color cabinets with Bianco Romano Countertop, having a  light and dark pattern from the floor level to up is always a good trick. Light color flooring walnut color cabinets light color countertop dark color cabinet and some matching semi light backsplashes.


Bianco Romano Countertop with Walnut Cabinets and Walnut Kitchen Island

Walnut cabinets, Bianco Romano Granite
Walnut kitchen cabinets matching with Bianco Romano , picture credit Alfa Stone Design

If you would like to make a kitchen remodeling, my other articles related to backsplash would be considered. Please take a look for dark cabinets and white cabinets specifically. If you are new in kitchen renovation , I may suggest you to check the Granite Countertop : Kitchen Countertop Materials article of mine.

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