Modernized Muse: Marble Look Cambria Ella Countertop

Marble Look Cambria Ella Countertop

Modernized Muse: Marble Look Cambria Ella Countertop

Marble look Cambria Ella countertop blows the breeze of ancient era to kitchen remodeling: Non-demanding, low maintenance countertop selection is being easy.

Cambria Ella comes from the same line of Cambria marble look quartz collection. Her other sisters are Cambria Brittanicca, Cambria Swanbridge, Cambria Weybourne, and Cambria Torquay. She always competes with White Carrara marble and sometimes some rivalry happens. To reduce this jealousy, it is good to know that the Cambria Ella countertop has low maintenance with the same soft vein in bold cold tones like gray or blue as like as White Carrara marble. Both have linear-looking tiny veins.

In my opinion, Cambria Ella is a good match for white, light gray, dark gray, blue, basalt gray, walnut, and chestnut cabinets. She gives a positive vibe while two-tone cabinets kitchen remodeling ideas are used. At the same time, she is a good addition to two-tone countertop kitchen remodeling ideas. As with her other sisters, she may be a good addition to your wall tiling and wall covering which is sometimes called full high backsplash. She is good with any backsplash selection of white, gray, and cream tones. She is a rising star in the no-maintenance countertops category.

Marble Look Cambria Ella Countertop in Pictures:

My picks for your reviews are waiting for you, hope you like them and share your comments with me. Since Cambria Ella is new in the market, it was not easy to reach many pictures. Please help me to make an online kitchen remodeling ideas library. Please do not hesitate to share your own pictures of the marble look, Cambria Ella.

Stainless Steel Appliance, Glass Door White Kitchen Cabinets, Cambria Ella and Dark Hardwood Flooring

Cambria Ella Quartz Cambria Quartz Surfaces Natural Stone Quartz Countertops Cambria Ella Countertops Dark Brown Cabinets Kitchen Countertops Cool Tones Natural Marble Countertop Surface
Picture Credit: Kitchen Tune-Up via Houzz., Stunning kitchen design with warm white finish white cabinets and dark hardwood flooring. Glass Door White cabinets and inside lighting seems pretty sophisticated. Big families need more space to spend time in the kitchen. So, the large Cambria Ella island top is addressed well.

   Cambria Quartz Surfaces & Cambria Ella Quartz

Contemporary  Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas with Cambria Ella

Superior Performance Grey Veining Scratch Resistant Kitchen Island Stain Resistant Linear Configuration Low Sheen Mohs Scale Final Product
Picture Credit: Cambria, Cobalt gray kitchen cabinets and natural bamboo kitchen cabinets with Cambria Ella waterfall edge island top. Natural hickory flooring and ample daylighting add some luxury to this two-tone cabinets contemporary kitchen. Elegant…

Marble Look  Low Maintenance Cambria Ella Countertop and Cambria Ella Island Top in Contemporary White Kitchen

Superior Performance Grey Veining Scratch Resistant Kitchen Island Stain Resistant Linear Configuration Low Sheen Mohs Scale Final Product
Picture Credit: Stone Center.,Marble Look Cambria Ella countertop and Cambria Ella island top in contemporary white kitchen. Contrast colors are placed very well, gray kitchen appliances and red oak hardwood flooring pop the beauty of engineered stone Cambria Ella. Neat looking design.

Two Tone Countertop White Kitchen Design Ideas with Honed Absolute Black Granite and Marble Look Cambria Ella 

Quartz Countertops Kitchen Countertops Natural Stone Kitchen Island Marble Granite Space Save Slab Beauty Elegant Light Veins Styles Surface
Picture Credit:Grace Hill Design., Gordon James Construction and Spacecrafting Photography. Hats off the design in traditional kitchen style. Such an excellent example to show the two-tone countertop white kitchen ideas. The island top is Cambria Ella countertop, the perimeter is Honed Absolute Black Granite which gives an appearance of charcoal gray. Dark gray and white need some transition color, so the flooring selection completes the total look. Tavern oak hardwood flooring is picked for the project. I think this is also honed finished.  The backsplash is a dimensional white subway tile with a marble mosaic accent over the cooktop. Benjamin Moore #1472 Silver Chain wall color is very popular while combined with the white cabinets. The cabinet and trim color is also Benjamin Moore White Dove #OC-17. Special Thanks to Grace Hill Design, to share all the details.





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